Welcome to my website. I am a full time Instructional Technologist at an institution with over 20,000 students. I also

  1. teach technology workshops for various institutions and companies
  2. successfully completed several math intensive actuarial exams
  3. taught over 340 Microsoft Excel and Access classes
  4. taught over 4,000 students of all levels from beginner to expert
  5. have 15+ years of experience in spreadsheet development and database design.

My experience includes using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Access databases to do special projects for Fortune 500 companies specializing in asset management, data management, cost analysis, and business automation to meet business objectives.  When I’m not developing spreadsheet solutions, I enjoy spending time with my family and swimming at the Eisenhower Aquatic Center.

Instructional Goal

The goal of my workshops is to help you better understand spreadsheets and databases so you can save time, feel more confident, and accomplish your objectives!

Contact information

Juan Hinojosa
I look forward to seeing you in my class!